Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Isn't the public service email spam?

So I sent out the first email in response to an email broadcast I received today which did not use BCC:.

The first two responses I received were on polar opposites:
Don't email me again please. You too are spam.
BRAVO!  Outstanding, well-written (and highly entertaining) message...and for almost every recipient on the "XXXXXXXX distribution list," probably the most useful and informative message of the year.
Thank you!

The first responder is of course correct.  Which is the whole point!  It's easy for your email to fall in the hands of someone that you don't want it to!  My response to them was:

You are right, this can be considered spam as well, and I'm sorry for the bother.  But in order to protect my privacy I  am trying to get the word out.  If your email appears along with mine  in a mass email I will be sending this out again.  I recommend you contact the person that gave me your email address and ask them not to include your email in a distribution unless they use Blind Carbon Copy

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