Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How the public service announcement is being received

Most people don't respond to the Public Service Announcement regarding your email privacy email that I send out anytime I receive an email containing many emails of people I don't know. But when they do they are either very supportive or quite annoyed. Here are most of the replies I've received:

"BRAVO! Outstanding, well-written (and highly entertaining) message...and for almost every recipient on the "XX distribution list," probably the most useful and informative message of the year.

"Don't email me again please. You too are spam."

"Joe Geek, Thanks for, in your words, the PSA. ... Keep up the education campaign; knowledge is power. We appreciate someone taking a non-abusive approach to communication."

"Oh my god, you are my new favorite person. THANK YOU for sending this out!!!! I hope everyone takes it to heart & makes changes in their habits."

"While I can appreciate your angst because you care deeply about your email address, I am guessing you're this frustrated because you didn't follow your own advice in the section:
Q. How can I protect my email address?A. It is actually a good idea (imperative, in my opinion) that you sign up for a secondary address to give out to EVERYONE BUT YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY...
While I do believe you believe you're doing everyone a great service here, you're actually doing what you seem to hate most...spamming people. I'm sure this is my personal opinion not shared by everyone, but I have found your tone and attacks to be very negative in a setting where I rather wish not to encounter such tone."

"you are annoying, get a life."

"i have no questions, I'm not seriously concerned because most people I know aren't flaming idiots taking the time to email people they don't know because they have nothing else to do. stay paranoid :)
I will stay worry free..."

"I am grateful for the information. I have screwed up many times, but in other ways, eg., sending a personal email to others who should not be privvy to the email! Argh! So embarrassing. Thanks!"

"Great response. I will be forwarding it to some email offenders on my email list. Thanks."

"Thank you Joe. I can think of many abusers that need this kind reminder. It's a scary thought "that people JUST DON'T KNOW BETTER", but probably true. Now if I can just find a polite way to get family and friends to stop sending me FWD's. I will CUT AND PASTE your words and send to a few not so aware acquaintances. Thanks for the info and the reminder."